The Final Post

It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of our dearest friend Robert Ihlendfeldt, AKA Rob Fitzgerald on the morning of 05/03/2014. We will miss him dearly in the way his spark for life, his presence and character left just a little bit of Rob in all of us.

Services will be heldĀ at:

Date: TBA or please check in using this link.

Charles G. Schmitt Funeral Home
3863 Merrick Road
Seaford, New York 11783
(516) 785-3380



This is old, but I just saw it tonight for the first time. This is why I find Bill O’Reilly fucking unwatchable. He’s disagreeing with one of the best football players of the past twenty years (Tiki Barber) regarding what happens in NFL locker rooms, and he won’t give the guy more than three seconds to answer a question before he jumps all over him.

This clip is nearly impossible to sit through.