The Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on the tourism, entertainment, and Theme park industry. Many popular tourist attractions were shut down for much of 2020 because of Covid-19. While everyone took a financial hit because of the restrictions some have been more resilient than others.

Seaworld has is the largest outdoor aquatic attraction in the world. Last year during the pandemic their parks were closes. Now, as restrictions are starting to ease up some of the attractions are starting to reopen.

Source: Wikipedia

Seaworld has changed its business strategy, and it seems to have worked as their first quarterly reports are not disappointing. As Sailes and attendance are fair considering that not all parks are open and the open parks are operating under restrictions. Attendance at the parks is improving with each passing month.

Seaworld hosts parks internationally, and Covid precautions and regulations vary by location. But in Orlando and Seaworld San Antonio recently announced that the parks no longer require vaccinated people to wear face coverings. Guest will no longer be required to wear face coverings both inside and outside activities.

Orlando and San Antonio are not the only parks that have eased limitations. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Park in Virginia, U.S.A recently increased the number of guests that attended to 13,000.

SeaWorld San Diego has also seen a gradual change in restriction changes.

The Park was closed completely at the beginning of 2021 but has eased restrictions as the year has gone on. Earlier in the year, SeaWorld San Diego introduced a drive-through event. In February of 2021, the park opened but with limited capacity and limited operations. Currently, SeaWorld San Diego is still operating with limited capacity and requiring the guest to wear facial coverings.

SeaWorld has maintained its presence in the attraction industry and fully anticipates when they can open with full attendance and full capacity.

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