Jason Hughes is a professional who specializes in various property management tasks. He is experienced with a career covering over three decades. Most of his work life and experience has come from working at the Cushman and Wakefield in Los Angeles. Jason Hughes has also lived in San Diego, working with clients in different types of lease and buyer representation activities. Jason Hughes also has immense qualifications in the education field. 


Jason Hughes has attended the University of San Diego, UCSD, UCLA, and other noteworthy facilities. The other noteworthy aspect of his career is that he works with his wife, Shay. Together, they have made great steps forward in helping clients. The list of services they provide nowadays includes lease restructuring, tenant representation, sale-leaseback transactions, and various others. Jason Hughes also has excellent affiliations with people in different industry sectors, which he uses to broker excellent deals. Furthermore, Jason Hughes has also been influential in developing the Broker Dual Agency Disclosure Bill, or SB 1171. 

The current law has been instrumental in providing a fair and controlled environment for clients to engage in various activities. As a successful entrepreneur, he also works to update his skill base and ensure his clients receive information that meets current property industry standards. Jason Hughes has also worked with several clients to transact leases and buy millions of square feet of land. His experience also extends to negotiating excellent deals, industry analysis, and government negotiations. Clients that need advice will also receive assistance from Hasib. The information he has collected from his career is available on his website.