Quentin Flannery is the Chief Information Officer, CIO of Flannery Family Office. Currently, he oversees several family companies instituting strategic efforts to expand the business and diversify investments in the international marketplace. His progressive operation standards are leading the company to many new growth opportunities.  At Yancoal, one of the largest pure-play coal producers in Australia, Quentin Flannery as the Global Head of Thermal Coal Sales was not only one of the youngest marketing managers in charge of one billion in company revenue through sales expansion in both China and the entire continent of Asia. 


Today, Quentin Flannery focuses his management efforts on the family business and the Flannery Foundation as its director. The Flannery Foundation which was established in 2010 by Peggy and Brian Flannery to help Australia’s most vulnerable women and saving children and the surrounding community in general. They donate to about 30 charities and to one special charity, Act for Kids of which Quentin Flannery is the corporate ambassador. Because of Flannery’s past work experience with Yancoal Australia Limited, Sunset Power International, and Delta Coal, he came to appreciate the process of mentoring to race up successful leaders-to-be.


The activist investor and philanthropist Quentin Flannery now sponsors the Quentin Flannery Resources Scholarship. The scholarship provides a $5,000 grant to a student majoring in studies focusing on mining, metallurgy, or geology. In addition to the grant, the student will also benefit from one-on-one mentoring sessions with the successful entrepreneur and his Ilwella team. Quentin Flannery strongly believes with this great head start, scholarship recipients will be launched forward with the greatest chance of becoming tomorrow’s business stars in the geology, mining, or metallurgy sectors.