Citizen App was launched and developed by Andrew Frame in the year 2017. Andrew Frame grew up in Las Vegas before relocating to Los Angeles close to Citizen Headquarters. Together with 911, the citizen app shares details to ensure safety by all individuals.

Andrew Frame began his interest in software programs as early as when he was 15 before the launch of the Citizen app. He started his own Company that provided internet services to its clients. In 2004, he founded another software programs. A telecommunication company named the Ooma Company. But later in 2009, he resigned from his roles at the Company.

Andrew Frame grew his entrepreneur’s skills early when he started serving at the network infrastructures. He served at many companies, including Cisco Systems as the company support engineer in 1997. Later on, Andrew Frame joined the Global Center of Expertise as their routing architecture. His hard work and commitment earned him honors and certifications, titling him as the youngest to be awarded certificates.

Besides his businesses, Andrew Frame offers students advice on starting a company at the University of Stanford. He established an entrepreneur online course to help students get the know-how and vision on building and raising capital in managing a company. To help citizens keep out of crimes and away from active crimes scenes, Andrew founded a mobile app called the Vigilante.

During his recent interview, Andrew highlighted that his reason to begin the Citizen app was that he saw a missing gap where there was no free product that used technology to keep others safe. He also talked about hiring more competent and intelligent teams to support the priority of the Company. Andrew urges other business owners to create rooms for new ideas and never stop learning, take their work seriously and understand what their clients want. Go here for additional information.


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