In the current dispensation, the use of technology is almost inevitable. All industries across the globe are in the process of putting measures that will ensure their specific industries comply with technological advancement to remain competitive. For Tim Murawski, the medical arena has also been in the frontline to ensure that they are not left behind in this endeavor. Tim Murawski of Augmedics recently sought to keenly discuss how technology has improved the lives of diabetic patients. Since time immemorial diabetes has been considered one of the most difficult lifestyle diseases to manage.


Diabetic patients are tasked with routinely checking their glucose levels to ensure that the levels are within the recommended range. According to Tim Murawski, the constant checking of glucose levels is a major inconvenience reducing the patient’s quality of life. Medical experts have come to terms with the extreme difficulties that diabetes patients face and they have embarked on developing technology that will ease their lives. The technology focuses on identifying the events of hypoglycemic. 

This is an event that occurs when glucose levels drop below the standard requirement for a normal human to function. However, the biggest danger posed by hypoglycemic events is that some patients are not aware of what is happening to them. Currently, Tim Murawski is the Chief Commercial Officer and President of Augmedics. Before joining Augmedics, the healthcare expert had previously worked in 7 lucrative jobs that included the Mazor Robotics’ Vice president of Global Renaissance from august 2017 to February 2019. Additionally, Tim Murawski worked in the same company as vice president of U.S Accounts from January 2016 to July 2017.