Pam Baer is a lady entrepreneur with a great reputation in the San Francisco region. Baer has been integral in uplifting the lives of several people in San Francisco especially the less fortunate. Her primary focus as a philanthropist was through fundraisings that helped end the afflictions of members of her community, the vulnerable, widowed, and those living with different types of afflictions.

As any other philanthropist, Pam Baer had a mission which was improving the healthcare sector of her community, motivated by the determination San Francisco General Hospital had towards the healing of her son who had been involved in a greasy road accident.

Pamela Baer is an alumnus and a graduate of the University of Texas. After, her higher education studies, she got married to Larry Baer and together moved to New York City. Together, they decided to venture into business development and co-founded many firms, both profit and non-profitable. She also does marketing for her customers like Columbia House, Christian Lacroix, and American Express, to name a few.

Pamela advises other entrepreneurs and business people to show their love for the bereaved and poor in society. She has been actively involved in a number of charities works to improve the living standards of the people of her community. Through the establishment of several charitable organizations and non-profitable organizations, Pam Baer has managed to change the lives of the poor.

Some of Pam’s charitable organizations are the Circle of Every Mother Counts organization and the Advisory Board Member of Nest foundation that preserves the traditions, culture, and wellbeing of women in society. She is also a part of the Giants Community Fund serving as Board of Director.

Pam has always had a heart for giving back to society since her days as a young child. Often, you would find her gathering food and clothing and give to the less fortunate. This became a habit hence venturing into entrepreneurship. Refer to this article to learn more.


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