Krishen Iyer’s first company was MNP Insurance, which he founded after graduating. The firm saw phenomenal growth and made it into the Inc 5000 list in 2015. He began his career in the insurance field not long afterward-as evident by how quickly they were able to grow from just one employee until last year when over 100 people were working under them! And this isn’t all: Krishen Iyer also got inclusion within PayPal entrepreneur circles through doing something extraordinary.


This was, building a business around helping other entrepreneurs succeed while still keeping our values of honesty. Iyer founded MNP Insurance and Managed Benefits Services. This last one goes by the name of Quick Link Marketing. Led by Krishen Iyer, the company aims to help clients generate leads and build their customer base with the quality analytical process for generating potential customers. Who will buy whatever they are selling in any niche market regardless of whether there isn’t enough demand from people within that specific industry or not; this includes even targeting competitors directly.


MBS stands for “manage benefit services.” It was initially started when he worked at another big firm but wanted something more hands-on to create long-lasting change on how things were done rather than just being an agent sitting behind desks all day. Krishen Iyer is a curious person who has dedicated his life to improving the business and meeting clients’ needs. 


He spends time at day with each client to find solutions for them later in other areas during evening hours when fewer distractions arise. Krishen Iyer´s dedication extends not just across company policies. He is also into strategic growth by focusing on how best practices like marketing have transferred over from one industry (such as healthcare) onto another. Such as technology which requires different approaches depending upon what you are trying to accomplish within it; this also includes contracts between parties involved where they should.