Robert Kraft hails from Brookline, Massachusetts. A Columbia University and Harvard Business School graduate he holds a master’s degree in business administration.

One of the country’s most successful businessmen, his assets include holdings in the Major League Soccer New England Revolution and its Gillette Stadium and the NFL New England Patriots.

But Robert Kraft started his successful career in business in paper and packaging and expanded it to include real estate developments, including being a player in the world of major league sports. Together his interests make up The Kraft Group.

Kraft started a packaging business in 1972 and founded International Forest Products. In 1994 Robert Kraft paid $175 million for The New England Patriots. A long-time fan and season ticket holder, he owned the stadium before the team. He purchased the stadium for $25 million when the current owner was facing bankruptcy. When he had a chance to purchase the team, he did that as well, but it wasn’t the valuable asset that it is today.

The company is a grand success that some say are due to Robert Kraft’s strong values and his level of integrity.

He uses the success of the Kraft Group to back causes he has long believed in and shares his good fortune and position at the head of a family that shares their good fortune by being one of the foremost philanthropic groups in the world. Donating charities that recognize children and women issues is important to the family as well as education and youth sports.

Robert Kraft continues to give back in other ways today, too. He is a retired member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Robert Kraft is a Trustee Emeritus of Columbia University, as well as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is a trustee of Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theatre and Boston College. Read this article for additional information.


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