Cryptocurrency has gained popularity in the past few years. Since its inception, cryptocurrency, according to Jason, has been a worldwide phenomenon. However, he points out that there is still quite a lot we can learn about crypto technology and its offer. Today, Jason Hope announces, cryptocurrency is a hot topic in news rooms, and Bitcoin has gone down and up over the recent years. Apart from Bitcoins, Jason points out that the other coins have also lost significant value after the Chinese Banking Association posted a statement. 


The post shed light on how digital lenders should refrain from using digital currencies due to the high volatility. To many, this might be the end of the vast crypto market; however, Jason Hope being a futurist, shares a different opinion.


Future of Bitcoin


Activist Investor Jason Hope


Jason Hope says that blockchain technology has continually evolved, and the drop in Bitcoin is just a tiny fraction. He thinks that the crypto trend is shaping and changing business today. Jason Hope maintains that Bitcoin has a future. With the growth of ecommerce, digital markets need cryptocurrency now more than ever. The need for cryptocurrency in trading is because of the low transaction fees from the ecommerce websites for customers and businesses that pay using crypto coins. Many online websites are giving their clients alternatives on what payment to use. 

According to Jason’s research on cryptocurrency, crypto-only asks for fees not greater than 1%. However, using credit card options like Stripe means that customers pay transaction fees as high as 5% per purchase. The “fee-less” transaction in digital currencies will be a game-changer, according to the business visionary, for future businesses. Also, Jason Hope emphasizes the security of these coins. He predicts that companies will soon need a secure business transaction. The safe transaction system will improve the customers’ trust in their service providers.