He is the CEO of Activision and one of the most notorious people in gaming, yet he remains relatively unknown to those living outside of gaming. Let’s shed some light on one of the game industry’s most influential executives. CEO Bobby Kotick attended the University of Michigan, and his love for gaming started there. He started by developing apple software which later attracted key investors and led to its boom in investments and sales

A major boom was seen 2008 when Vivendi and Activision merged and Activision Blizzard was formed. In 2010, Activision Blizzard was ranked by Forbes as the largest gaming company in the world. They have a massive amount of games and franchises in their portfolio

Kotick has received a lot of negative criticism because of his aggressive marketing strategy; some will argue that this is the reason for Activision Blizzard’s success. He is also one of the biggest people who contributed to the controversy where EA was accused of using bots to log in to their games, and as a result, EA banned him from playing any upcoming game

This merger increased Kotick’s net worth by over 300 million. It is his job to lead Activision and lead entire companies and shareholders with his management savvy. There is a lot of controversy surrounding him as he has been known to take large pay raises for himself, and his workers have received very small ones

Under his directorship, Bobby Kotick has seen Activision Blizzard gain access to many different resources. In 2008, Activision Blizzard purchased a majority share of Major League Gaming and made investments in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Other achievements he made in the gaming sector include developing the retail PlayStation 3 console in 2006 and producing a network based on gaming and fighting called the PlayStation Network

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