IM Academy is an online Forex trading education platform offering digital skills essential in foreign exchange trading. It operates via a website, IM Academy, and a mobile application. The Independent Business Owners (IBO) and customers can easily access the website through a secure login.

The IM Academy website has an option for IBO Academy. They noted that the listing on the product page had been a mistake and that it’s not their service or a training program. IM Academy currently has a different option that doesn’t relate to their customer products and services for those interested in becoming IBO. To avoid confusion, IM is in the process of fixing and updating the site.

IM Academy products comprise 4 learning modules referred to as academies. They are offered through its website and are accessible through customer or IBO referrals. The academies have various informational videos and unlimited interactive GoLive sessions that enable students to apply what they have learned in real-life situations. These sessions allow students to interact with the IM educators directly and feature 13 languages. The GoLive sessions are offered on different days and times to accommodate all students regardless of their time zones. They include:

  1. FRX Academy

It covers Forex trading basics, including the history of Forex, introduction to Harmonics, Bid vs. Ask, what’s traded in Forex, risk management, trends analysis, and understanding of buying and selling in the market.

  1. HFX Academy

It offers detailed information about high-frequency exchange. It covers the basics of high-frequency exchange, the methods and types of analysis, leverage, margins, and much more. It has the same structure as the FRX Academy.

  1. DCX Academy

It teaches about the basics of trading in DCX, digital currency exchange, introduction to digital currency, the types of digital currencies, etc.

  1. ECX Academy

It majors in e-commerce and covers the management and development of online businesses. It also features payment processing, the basic requirements for online business, the trending online products, etc.


See this page to watch some of their videos, to learn more.