Simon Denyer is a world-renowned author and journalist. He is always looking to make significant contributions to society and work directly with nonprofit organizations who need to have their voice heard. One of his most recent contributions is with WildAid, where he works as a senior consultant.

With WildAid, Simon Denyer is working to help spread the word about one of the most endangered species living in Cameron. There three different species of pangolins living in the rain forests of Cameroon that are all in danger. They are being sold for meat throughout the world and this poses a danger of spreading disease and harming the other wildlife in the area. Simon Denyer is focused on helping restore order and balance to the environment and the people that live there.

Simon Denyer works with the Washington Post to help spread the world of global issues around the world. The Washington Post allows this talented author to share his concerns, values and beliefs with the world. This reputable news source has an amazing following that allows these stories to quickly become popular and get a great following.

Cameroon is a wonderful place with a wide variety of wildlife available for all to see. While it is a small area full of native people, there are hopes that the government in the area will expand tourism efforts to help bring money and attention to the issues that are present within the space. With the help of WildAid, this should happen sooner than later.

Like other areas of the world, there are always endangered species that need to be protected. Since animals do not have a voice to speak up for themselves, it is crucial that we find authentic and honest journalists, like Denyer, to help spread the word of what is happening. Refer to this page for additional information.