Yubo App is a new social media app targeting Gen Z. Born in 2000. After the start of Facebook, the generation following Gen Y has become an influential group in society. The app focuses on creating a well-rounded community with positive values rather than how to attract a large audience like other social media apps.

What are Gen Zs Values?

Gen Zs value freedom, honesty, and individuality. The app is designed to foster positive interactions and relationships. They spend more time on this app because they want to build close relationships with others. The lack of privacy in social media is an issue for Gen Z, so he has created an app where private conversations can take place as well as public posts.

The App Experience

He offers a platform to express yourself through posts and chatboxes. Users can interact with one another through the hub of the application. The hub is the main interface of Yubo. Users can live stream videos and pictures, watch videos posted by other users, and leave comments.

The App Interface

The first thing you will notice when using Yubo is the unique interface. The app design was created by a creative team that considered the age group it targets. The app feels modern and clean rather than cluttered with options. The homepage is minimalist with a light blue background and white text. The home page provides three different options.

The Live Stream Feature

The app has its live stream feature so that you can post broadcasts to the app’s “hub.” Users can also see when their friends go live on the app. If you know a user you like, tap on their profile to view more videos or pictures.


Yubo App is an innovative and efficient way to engage the Gen Z generation. They are young and tech-savvy, so the experience should match their expectations. The app has made it easy for all users to communicate through live streaming and chatting, feeling more connected to others.