Jonas Lauren Norr is the co-Founder, Managing Partner at Crypto Lotus LLC, and a prominent cryptocurrency investor. He is best known for his early investment in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Jonas is also the founder and CEO of Athena Bitcoin, an innovative online brokerage platform. He has been heavily involved in Bitcoin since 2011, buying approximately $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency. The following year, he co-founded the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup Group. Over the next three years, Norr invested $600,000 into several altcoins, including Ethereum and Dash. He was an early investor in BTCJam and Bitfinex as well.

Jonas Lauren Norr has also been a consultant for several prominent companies, including Microsoft and IBM. In 2013, Norr published an article on Forbes about how he became involved in Bitcoin and his thoughts about the future of cryptocurrency. It is estimated that Norr has made over 15,000% gains in his cryptocurrency investments.

In fall 2017, Norr founded the Athena Bitcoin online brokerage company to reimagine the future of trading using blockchain technology. The company is pioneering new standards for cryptocurrency trading, which are unique in finance, combining the most advanced technologies with rigorous ethical and financial measures.

Athena Bitcoin is a pioneering online brokerage platform that combines rigorous ethical and financial standards with the most advanced technologies. The company acts as a custodian for the digital assets of its clients, who trust Athena with their cryptocurrencies and digital financial assets. Athena acts as a fiduciary, safeguarding client funds and protecting client privacy as best it can in an unregulated industry where trust is earned by reputation.

The company is fully compliant with all applicable international and domestic laws and regulations. Athena Bitcoin has never been the target of any regulatory investigations or enforcement actions. An independent accounting firm audits Athena annually to verify that the company has enough capital to cover the value of its customers’ digital assets on its books.

The Athena Bitcoin token (ATB) will be the first “utility” token launched on the Stellar blockchain. A utility token is a digital asset that can be used to obtain a product or service in the real world. Using an asset-backed token is an excellent way to improve liquidity and incentivize early adopter participation in a network. In many ways, this differs from how traditional tokens are issued, which are typically sold for speculative investment.