Jason Hughes San Diego was an American businessman and philanthropist who served as president and CEO of Hughes Electronics Corporation. 

In 1987, Jason Hughes San Diego announced that he would be stepping down as Vice Chairman of Hughes Aircraft Company and President of Hughes Space and Communications Company. He would remain a member of the Board of Directors for both companies. He had been with the Hughes Electronics Corporation since 1970 when he joined the growing $1.2 billion aerospace business that emerged from the break-up of Howard Hughes’ empire. In 1986, Jason Hughes became president and chief executive of both companies. 


Before joining Hughes Electronics Corporation, his experience included serving on the board of directors of several major corporations–including Northrop Corporation and North American Aviation.


Jason Hughes´ Achievements


Hughes Aerospace & Electronics Corporation has invested in microelectronics, communications, and avionics facilities at the jetliner level; controls transmission of all commercial aviation digital data within the airframe and between the airframe and ground stations; as well as weather radar sales. All under the supervision of CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes.


Hughes Space & Communications Company is a $1.6 billion business providing satellite voice, data, and video services to aircraft worldwide, Jason Hughes recalls. The company’s services include television broadcasting, high-speed Internet access to planes over the Atlantic Ocean, mobile telephony, and text messaging for passengers, pilots, and crew members using Giappone’s ASARS system.


Hughes Electronics Corporation supports several state and national programs, including the Pentagon’s ongoing effort to develop technologies that will enable U.S. military forces to use satellite and other communication systems in ways that can improve combat readiness and reduce casualty rates. Jason Hughes’ contribution was a billion dollar investment in the initial development of satellite-based targeting systems for airborne weapons. Hughes is also working on a $1 billion investment in 3-DTV and an initiative for interactive television for the general public.