Who would have ever imagined that the young Alex Pissios once living in a 3-story home within the Northwest side of Chicago along with eight other family members would grow into the multi-millionaire mogul that he is now? It was never foreseen that he would be the force behind the Chicago film and television phenomenon that is enjoyed by all in today’s day.

Alex Pissios never neglected his education. He embraced his Greek heritage and fluency, while at the same time graduating from Northeastern Illinois University with a Major in special education. His plan, at that time, was to work specifically within education. That is, until 1994 when he began dabbling in the fur and leather business. From there he waded into the real estate pond for a decade. Until the floor fell out of real estate, and he began feeling the financial constraints.

With bankruptcy looming over Alex Pissios, he made the decision to take his uncle up on a once in a lifetime offer. His great-uncle, Nick Mirkopoulos, offered to put Pissios in charge of a Cinespace location; conveniently located in Chicago. After much research, back and forth, and support from family; Pissios was driven to ensure that the Cinespace location continued to grow. And grow it did! Into the largest film studio in the entire North American region.

Along with Cinespace came the Cinecares Foundation; a foundation directed to youth and ensuring their education and growth within a region that began to give up on them. The prime focus was on education and teaching appropriate adulthood to ones that would not see it otherwise. Cinecares was just as much of a success as Cinespace. That is why there was no question as to why they both sold together; to stay successful together.

However, with this sale, what is the next direction for Alex Pissios? There is no telling; Stay Tuned!

Source: Newsanyway.com