There are many oil and gas entrepreneurs, but none is like Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. Alejandro is a Venezuelan entrepreneur with a double degree majoring in economics. This sees him at the top of international trade and business administration. He, therefore, is more than qualified in the huge management of huge firms and capital ventures. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a major shareholder in Pacific Exploration and Production. The company develops and produces crude oil and gas. The company has extended its boundaries in Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, and Belize. In the company, he works as a director to the company. Through this position, he has seen the company’s expansion to most of America.

As an investor, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a man with a golden touch. He has invested in many companies, and most of them have been very successful. In 2016, he invested in technology. This was majorly through a sunglasses company named Hawkers. The sunglasses thrived in the market and were recognized as iconic Spanish sunglasses. Some of the contributing factors to the rise of this company was networking. There was a total of 56 million dollars pumped into the project. Some money came from social networking app entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs helped the company to grow its online presence and dominance. This directly or indirectly led to the growth in sales and profits.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an excellent example of a determined and hard-working entrepreneur. Since his childhood, he has been very determined in his ventures. With time, his determination has taken him to the top of many industrial companies. Even in his tenure in the Hawkers, there is evidence of these traits. From Alejandro Betancourt, you will learn the importance of connection and networking. The two traits helped an ailing and failing company to rise and make huge sales.