Haroldo Jacobovicz, who is also chief executive, founded horizons Datacenter and Horizons Telecom. While on campus, he founded the Microsystem firm with friends he had made. He subsequently served at ExxonMobil, then known as Esso, and swiftly ascended the corporate ladder. His businesses have had a significant influence on the lifetime of the people of Brazil. In late 1990, he declared the opening of e-Governe, and 20 years later, in 2010, he launched Horizons Telecom.

In mid-year of 2020, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizons Datacenter to supply cloud-computing expertise to businesses across countries hence realizing the importance of developing technology. He has also created the e-Governe Group, which offers cloud computing and such related services to businesses.

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born to civil engineering parents’ from Brazil. Similar to his parents, he saw a chance to invent something useful out of the blues. e-Governe Group supplies city halls throughout Brazil with integrated, comprehensive solutions. Horizons Telecom provides services to businesses of all kinds and extents in a variety of sectors.

Companies with clients in the medical, learning, taxation, and finance administration remain a high premium on the public. The resolutions offered enhanced customer experiences by providing an entirely modern networking architecture composed of many overkills. With the opening of the Horizons Datacenter, he will provide increased unified cloud services, such as storage, backup, and virtualization.

Haroldo Jacobovicz has emphasized the need to recognize actual issues and come up with creative solutions. The firm also intends to provide excellent customer service, with fully skilled employees ready to answer any consumer requests.

Furthermore, the organization has developed software rentals, warranty and maintenance, and technical services for government referrals. Haroldo Jacobovicz has risen to new levels thanks to his dedication to his vision for service and innovation, with more combined services and products on the way.