Flying is a modern invention that has done a great deal to make the world a smaller and more intimate place. Someone who knows a lot about this invention is Dick DeVos. DeVos has taken up flying. In doing so, he’s found an amazing hobby. He’s learned to fly a plane. He’s also bought his own private plane to help him get from place to place. This is one hobby that he adores. He loves being able to take off when he likes and hit the skies near his home. One of the many joys of having a plane is being able to share the process of learning to fly with so many others. This is one industry that he knows is poised for growth in the long term. That is why Dick DeVos has been instrumental in creating spaces where people in Michigan can learn about the world of aviation.


Teaching Others


Teaching others has long been something that Dick DeVos loves seeing happen. In his view, all people need to be in a position where they can share what they have learned with people. Dick DeVos has taken this a step further. That is why he has chosen to be part of an effort to create a school in his home town that helps students learn all about the world of careers in the field of aviation. Students get a chance to discover what it means to be ready to step up and get a job in a field that is likely to offer them a good career at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. That’s a school that allows students to great insights into how this industry works. He is very much proud to be a patron of this school and help students learn so much.