The Chief Executive Officer of New Fortress Energy, Wes Edens, was thrilled to announce a collaboration with Hydro which will convert the plant at Alunorte to cleaner energy and contribute to Hydro’s mission of global sustainability and environmental commitment. Wes Edens praised the partnership, saying that it is an excellent illustration of how LNG plants can help Brazil speed up its energy revolution.

At the Alunorte Alumina plant, Hydro is transforming the calcination operation and a portion of the steam production from gasoline to natural gas. The program is based on Hydro’s climate plan, which includes a global goal of cutting carbon emissions by 30% before 2030. The refinery’s yearly carbon emissions will be decreased by 600,000 tonnes due to the fuel swap.

In refineries around the globe, Alunorte is credited as one of the most energy-efficient ones. Transitioning to LNG fuel is a good move to enhance the company’s operations by promoting sustainability and engaging in procedures that have a minimal effect on the environment.

Using LNG will allow Hydro to operate more sustainably and provide natural gas to other sectors and customers in Pará state.

New Fortress Energy is an energy corporation with a worldwide presence and is headed by Wes Edens. It was established to fasten the process of transforming the world to clean energy. The firm deals in the construction and management of natural gas facilities and logistics to facilitate the delivery of energy solutions that boost economic growth, revolutionize domestic industries, and improve local communities.

The port at Barcarena is projected to be finished and ready to transport natural gas at the beginning of 2022. The Alunorte plant’s transition to natural gas is scheduled to be done by Q1 2023. The deal is dependent on the signing of formal agreements, the final design, and Hydro’s approval.