Many employers are tired of pandemics, therefore, looking for a solution on how they can be back to their offices. As the managing director of Hughes Marino firm in San Diego, Jason Hughes explains points on how employees can return to their worksites. As the head, he interacts with his employees by always making them happy which turns out in the best work environment ever. Moreover, the Fortune magazine acknowledged him not only in San Diego but also from other countries for his occupational habits. Therefore, Jason Hughes and his employees offer certain tips for transforming other individuals in different organizations.


Firstly, millions of Americans including the Hughes Marino workers went home in 2020 with an expectation of returning to their jobs in a few weeks. Surprisingly, the few days they thought continuously increased into many months which resulted in WFH being exceptional. Led by Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino prepared reports to the workers to help them adapt to the devastating situation. Jason Hughes further produced a questionnaire that would start a dialogue among families to promote togetherness. 


However, working from home cannot be compared with operating in offices since when employees are together, they can be more productive. Secondly, Hughes Marino organizations ensure that health and security are a priority to their employees amidst the troublesome crisis. Jason Hughes and the team started with sanitization standards and made sure they are nicely enhanced. The firm helps other companies by supplying their worksites with soaps, masks, and hand sanitizers. Moreover, Hughes Marino provides posters to the workplaces to remind employees to clean their hands routinely.