Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi, CEO of Kuwait European Holdings Group (KEH) maintains and supports his strong vision of what the future of finance will look like within the Middle East, United Kingdom and the European Union. With strong positions held in the financial marketplace and those which continue to succeed, the entrepreneur fearlessly welcomes and encourages uplifting growth and development of his fellow teammates and competitors for the betterment of the world. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi holds prominent ownership in a massive leadership of undertakings dedicated towards embracing and enhancing three broad-spectrum industries: Leisure, Healthcare, and Finance. Abdulla Al Humaidi has been generously present and supportive of many of the widely acclaimed Ebbsfleet United Football Club matches. (RIP Maurice Cox).


This while simultaneously structuring and pivoting the transition into building one of London’s finest leisure resort and entertainment facilities. With Abdulla Al Humaidi’s continued adherence towards excellence in leadership, KEH will most certainly reach their overall vision. Their aim is to bridge the market gaps between the Middle East, the UK and the Europe Union. Among the portfolio of investments included under Abdulla Al Humaidi’s guidance stand proudly the entities of: Qarun Lake Tourism & Investment Company and ESTRICO Aqueous Resort both from Egypt; Armila Capital Ltd. (chiefly property) and London Resort Company Holdings.


In addition separate entities and both via the United Kingdom, Landmarque Property Group out of Ireland, and Quantum Real Estate via Hong Kong. Investor Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi’s commitment towards elevating the business marketplace of the world does not fall short on his prominent home country of Kuwait by any measure. The notable CEO firmly supports the proud standing businesses and healthcare entity (respectively): AL-ROBAEYA BROKERAGE COMPANY, AL-FOUZ INVESTMENT COMPANY, and MEDCORP HOLDING COMPANY, KUWAIT. All of Abdulla Al Humaidi’s local companies provide the country along with Kuwait’s neighboring countries a supreme level of support and with an extreme level of dedication, care and excellence. 

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