Pam is now pursuing a leadership role in For Goodness Sake. The organization reflects her belief that every good deed is, for Goodness Sake. The mission of For Goodness Sake is to demonstrate through individual acts of kindness and generosity how one small act can be the catalyst to a much greater effort.

Through the nonprofit For Goodness Sake, Pamela Baer has been able to shine a light on the effect of single-parent homelessness in the Bay Area. During a large event with over 1000 guests, Pam inspired collective action and collective generosity.

Pam’s efforts will undoubtedly be translated into her strategic role as honorary chair of the UN Secretary General’s Office of Partnerships for Good. Since the participation inception of the “Changing Minds, Changing Lives” program, the UN General Assembly has recognized Pam as one of its champions for “Tackling Sustainable Development Challenges.” In 2017, the US Department of State recognized her efforts to cultivate partnerships between youth and the UN Peacekeeping Forces.

As described by Pam Baer in her 2015 article for Stanford Business, a philanthropy leader is a leader in setting high expectations for others, empowering them to perform at their best, and building relationships of trust. Pam, as a strong Philanthropist, sets high expectations for her peers and cultivates a comfortable, nurturing environment where ideas can be shared, and they can be discovered. For Pam, a philanthropist should be comfortable in her skin and lead others through a journey of discovery.

Pamela Baer began her philanthropic career by providing financial support to nonprofits, including Leadership for Healthy Kids (LHK) and others. Then in 2005, Pam’s primary focus became expanding opportunities for women in the San Francisco Bay Area through the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Council.

After graduating, Pam Baer moved to San Francisco, where she married Larry Baer. She soon became involved with her husband’s career in professional baseball as an executive with the San Francisco Giants, first serving as Vice President and Assistant General Manager, then eventually as the team’s CEO. She is also actively involved with community efforts to help provide affordable housing. Go here for more information.


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