It is funny and perhaps encouraging to see how things turn out to be for people who show utmost resilience in whatever they do. A perfect example is Edgard Corona, the man many people refer to as the self-proclaimed Bio Ritmo commander. He is referred to as the Bio Ritmo commander because of his unmatched command on how he approaches various investments.

One of the investments in picture is Ritmo or Bio Rhythm as others translate it into the English language. In addition to Bio Rhythm, Edgard Corona also started another fitness outfit named SmartFit. Together, the two recorded an aggregate revenue of R$1 billion the whole year of 2017.

From humble beginnings in 1996, the year which Edgard Corona founded his first company, he has grown to become a business magnet in the fitness and gym sector. According to the latest press release from SmartFit and Ritmo, Edgard is now the CEO and owner of more than 480 gyms. What is more, these gyms are spread across the better part of South American region.

In fact, Edgard’s firm is now present in over 5 Latin American countries including Peru, Brazil (the home of SmartFit), Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Chile. Thanks to these steps in dominating the regional market, now Edgard’s business commands over 1.6 million active subscribers. In fact, to show how Edgard Corona’s empire has grown in recent days, the number of SmartFit’ subscribers is way more than the number of people in Estonia.

Now with 61 years of age, Edgard joins the league of those who own fitness gyms and physical fitness businesses world over. For those who are following this closely, Edgard Corona now stands to be the fourth investor of the largest physical fitness company world over. The CEO is now championing for the use of technology to enhance his fitness business. To know more click: here.