Resilience in life is something most people brush off. Having an uncompromising spirit that can concur with all odds is a trait that most individuals need to embrace. In recent times Ryan Kavanaugh has been able to concur what arguably most people term as defeat. He has dusted himself to make a name for himself and those around him, despite his media company coming to a halt after being declared bankrupt within two years.

Ryan Kavanaugh saw it as an opportunity to emerge stronger and dust himself to become stronger than ever. In recent times the determined individual has returned to the scene through a famous application known as Triller. It is described as the world’s largest digital entertainment and music platform. The businessman woke up, and it was definite that that the company was making headlines and being the most sought after application. The application resembles other digital platforms where the users can create content and reach users across the globe. It has become a global sensation in recent times, with the different users taking a different step in every action.

The company has taken the initiative to support the boxing sport. It is attempting to innovate traditional boxing, which has become an everyday sport to indulge in. The return of the boxing game has led to some of the legend boxing champions. have come back to the scene. Triller has a step further to incorporate the various celebrities who have taken center stage and appeared in different contents. Some of the celebrities have taken part to invest in the company. It is a step in the right direction for the company. Ryan Kavanaugh is a person who has gone through it all in life and has gone through bad experiences. He underwent a bitter divorce, bankruptcy among other issues. He has learnt over time to focus on different things in life as it is all not about the hype.

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