Are you interested in making money through foreign exchange trading? IM Academy got you covered. It provides digital educational services and products that equip important online Forex Trading skills. The company runs through live interactive information backed by extensive pre-recorded and app-based information and data used to teach students.

Having been established in 2013 as a small business venture through Forex experts and independent entrepreneurs, it was established based on the vision of providing an online platform that is easily accessible for Forex education. The objective of such a platform was to offer interactive and accessible training to interested students, which would help them acquire skills they can apply in the Forex Trading activities. Over the past eight years, IM Academy has immensely grown into a huge organization with about 225 000 active members who are beneficiaries of its educational information.

Main IM Academy products include learning modules commonly referred to as academies. These academies comprise four different training programs found on the academy website. Every video module comprises several educative videos and unlimited interactive goLive classes that enable students to practice the concepts learned through the videos in real-life situations. Each academy is designed to cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced traders.

These videos offer student subscribers a wide range of topics covering everything from managing risk using stop losses, trading strategy, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, plus more. Students have access to the academy’s free virtual classroom, where they get immediate feedback from their teacher, who guides them through each lesson. This makes lessons accessible at anytime, anywhere, and helps to keep learning fun.

In addition, there are also private coaching sessions and access to a team of experienced mentors on the goLive class forums. In case you need further support, there are many articles written by the IM Academy tutors available here that will enable you to learn how to become a Forex trader within minutes and have fun while doing so. Visit this page for more information.


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