Alex Pissios is an experienced and respected producer in the film industry with over 37 years of experience. As Executive Producer for Warner Brothers, he has worked on many successful films, including Gravity and Batman v Superman. He served as a producer on the acclaimed documentary I Am Not Your Negro.

What Makes A Successful Producer? 

His knowledge of Hollywood and the film industry is unmatched.

Alex’s favorite part about his job is taking an idea from conception through post-production. He says it’s also a gratifying feeling to see your work come to life on screen with other people contributing as well.

As far as advice for aspiring producers, Alex says that you need to be willing to work long hours. You must also have a positive attitude, patience, and passion for your work. Additionally, you need to know how to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the production process.

Alex Pissios is confident in his skills as a producer, and it shows. After so many years in Hollywood, he knows what it takes to be successful, and he’s able to deliver results on each project he takes on.


Alex Pissios is a multi-faceted executive producer, investor, and business adviser. He has advised some big productions informally on branding, marketing, corporate strategy, and many leading artists and entrepreneurs in the entertainment, media, and technology industries.