Kfir Gavrieli became the CEO and he is the initiator of Tieks, one of the most famous online fashion brands worldwide. Tieks dispatches a line of exclusive ladies’ ballet flats known for their comforts, quality, and portability; Gavrieli was the earliest to make a universal name for himself without brick-and-motor channels. Since 2010 the brand has been distributing its Italian-leather foldable flats precisely online.

The company has become the most famous successful fashion brand to market Tieks purely online internationally. Kfir Gavrieli was not just an ordinary businessman since he focused simply on manufacturing great products and establishing a successful brand. According to Kfir, Tieks has always been able to make a meaningful effect; and the brand enhanced the Gaverieli Foundation and its close relationship with KIVA.

Through the foundation, Gavrieli started funding and empowering women in the community; with the aid of KIVA, an online Programme that gave mini-loans to boost entrepreneurs living in poverty, the foundation has eased over $10,000,000 microloans to feminine entrepreneurs internationally, hence being the highest lander company in the organization’s history, he also ventured his capital in the real estate and technology companies.

Kfir Gavrieli’s family moved to America when he was a young child. They set an excellent example for him and his siblings. The parent hardly spoke English, but despite that, they went to Los Angeles to give them a better life by establishing a victorious business from scratch, and this is where Kfir Gavrieli learned to be independent and hardworking.

Gavrieli is a degree holder from Stanford University, and he graduated with a B.A, M.S., and MBA degree. It demonstrated his ambition and advanced his entrepreneurship after a well-known history in the investment funds, capital, traveling, and automated industries that enabled the success of his brand. Mostly he valued the future more than the past. This slogan helped in the growth of Tiek Company. Refer to this article to learn more.


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