AM Bank has partnered with VISA to offer international payment services and a mobile wallet. This company was founded in 2013 and became licensed in 2015. It plans to add many services, including online banking, card payments, and ATM withdrawals. They also plan to create debit cards for those living abroad with Lebanese addresses. This will allow users to send money back to Lebanon using a VISA.

AUB President Dr. Adnan Al Khayat said that Marwan Kheireddine’s locally and internationally accomplishments confirm AUB’s reputation as a leader in education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. “We value his contributions and appreciate all he does for our students and society. We hope that the success of the Center will continue under his leadership and that he will become the next president of AUB,” he added. Learn more

“The project helped raise Lebanon’s profile,” he says, “and every time we did an event, we were on CNN and Euro News. We had a lot of press coverage because of it.”

Marwan Kheireddine organized hundreds of concerts, including a show featuring Canadian rock star Bryan Adams, whose hit single Summer of ’69 became a Lebanese cultural touchstone.

The young man believes his country’s music scene will follow suit. He hopes to attract talent from around the globe and create a unique musical experience for Lebanese audiences. He wants to bring back the glory days when artists like Fairuz and Fairouz dominated Lebanese airwaves.

The former minister of state, who served in the Lebanese government from 2011 to 2014, has always supported entrepreneurship. He believed a strong and empowered private sector is essential to our country’s future prosperity.

In the current chaotic environment, Marwan Kheireddine believes Lebanon’s next generations will play an important role in solving the financial crisis. He says the technological advancement in the last decade has changed how we act as consumers. As consumers, we rely on services provided by third parties to complete our transactions. Technology has allowed us to go directly online and initiate transactions digitally. This has reduced overhead costs, increased efficiency, and improved customer service delivery.