The Aurea Multi-Family Group has had great success over the years. Raffaele Riva, the group’s pioneer, created a successful business by providing top-quality housing to families and investors. He has created a well-defined brand and focused on quality customer service. Riva has also attracted talented employees who are passionate about their work. This dedication has resulted in a company constantly moving forward and improving its services. In addition to its impressive achievements, the Aurea Multi-Family Group is also known for its philanthropy. It generously gives back to the community by supporting a variety of organizations.

Raffaele Riva Tips For Success

  1. Commit to your goals: Riva never stops working towards achieving and ensuring that his company is successful. He often searches for new ways to improve the company and make it even more successful.
  2. Be passionate about what you do: Raffaele Riva isn’t just an average CEO; he is genuinely passionate about his work and the company’s success. He puts in the extra effort to ensure that everyone in his company performs at their best.
  3. Be prepared to take risks: While being passionate about what you do, taking risks is also essential. Riva is always willing to try new things and use different strategies to increase the company’s profitability.


Through hard work and dedication, Raffaele Riva has built a successful multi-family group, Aurea. His strategy for success was to focus on quality management and customer satisfaction. He also kept up with the latest trends in the industry by investing in new technologies and improving his property management practices. With several units under management, the company is one of the largest multi-family operators.

Riva’s success can be attributed to his dedication to his business and focus on customer satisfaction. He is known for his strong partnerships with property managers and tenants and has built lasting relationships with both groups. Refer to this page for related information.


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