Mark Hauser is the founder and CEO of Hauser Wealth Management, a fee-only financial management firm. He has advised tens of thousands of clients from all over the country with $100 million in assets and helped them successfully navigate an economic downturn.

Why It’s Important

Your investments may have taken a hit during this current recession, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your savings altogether. Because you’re investing all of your money, you must continue to put money into it. You may be affected by a recession by not being able to make the same amount of interest on it. That’s why it’s essential to bring in new investments and re-calculate the value of your assets after a recession.


When a recession hits, you may have to get creative with how you spend or save your money. When you’re not working, you can make a difference by cutting back on other expenses to save more. When saving your money in a bank account, please put it in a CD or money market account with more interest. This helps you make more money during tough times.

How to Make Smart Investing Decisions

When you already have investments, there are certain decisions you can make that you wouldn’t if you weren’t investing. You should pay off your credit cards and save money in different places. One way to save more is to stop sending money to friends and family. You can put the money directly into your savings account or invest it in something else. It’s hard to save money, but when you invest it, you’ll have more than if you gave it away.

Mark Hauser Experience

When the market dropped after September 2008, Mark Hauser knew he had to rein in and show concern about his clients. He cut his clients’ spending to allow them to save more. He also invested much of their money into gold and other precious metal assets. This strategy didn’t work out well because their investments weren’t doing well with the recession.

Mark Hauser is a successful financial manager who advises his clients on how to survive a recession. He urges them to put their money into something valuable and safe, like gold, under the current market conditions.