Wes Edens is an American businessman and a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC and former president of Lehman Brothers.

Wes Edens is an American businessman and a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is also a founder, along with Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, Mike Novogratz, Pete Briger, and Ben Hockett, of Fortress Investment Group LLC 1998. The company was founded to purchase the Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s nuclear power plants from CBS Corporation in 2006. In 2007 they purchased the world’s largest private equity firm from Japanese public company Nomura Holdings Inc., which was renamed Fortress Investments Japan Ltd (FIGJ). The company quickly expanded its financial services reach to brokerage, asset management, and private equity companies.

In 2009, Fortress Investment Group LLC received $1.3 billion worth of funding from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., which allowed the company to enter into New York Stock Exchange in 2010. In 2012, they acquired Lam Research Corporation in Silicon Valley for $17 billion and sold the business unit to Jiaxing Group in China for $15 billion.

In February 2013, Wes Edens purchased a stake in Mexican soccer club Chivas USA which Jorge Vergara had controlled since 2007. In February 2014, Edens met with the NBA commissioner Adam Silver to inform him that he was interested in a minority position in the Milwaukee Bucks and was one of three finalists for an ownership position in the team. On April 28, 2014, it was announced that Edens had been selected as one of two new owners of the Bucks.

In 2004, Edens founded the Edens Family Foundation and his wife, Jessica Taylor. Since then, the foundation has been involved in many projects in education and poverty-reduction programs. The foundation focuses on providing educational opportunities for children and adults with financial barriers to getting an education.

Wes Edens was born Wesley Jones Coddington on March 9, 1964, in Washington D.C. He and his co-owners have held differing stances regarding the public’s interest in their privacy and how they will use their identities while owning the Milwaukee Bucks franchise.