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Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy

Christopher Terry is the CEO and Co-Founder of IM Mastery Academy, an online business that trains, mentors, and coaches aspiring entrepreneurs on launching and scaling their online businesses successfully. Christopher is a true millennial with roots in entrepreneurship. With a 20-year history in copywriting, sales, marketing, and branding, he has developed strategies for brands like […]

The Safety Ideal Started By Andrew Frame

Andrew Frame is a New York-based serial entrepreneur. His fame was mainly inspired by his founding of the Citizen App. The application’s safety-based initiative has made it gain favor among the citizens of the United States. He is also the founder of other innovative businesses that have increased the digital innovation of cities like Las […]

Yubo App is a New Social Media App

Yubo Introduction Yubo App is a new social media app targeting Gen Z. Born in 2000. After the start of Facebook, the generation following Gen Y has become an influential group in society. The app focuses on creating a well-rounded community with positive values rather than how to attract a large audience like other social […]

Andrew Frame, Founder Of Citizen App

Citizen App was launched and developed by Andrew Frame in the year 2017. Andrew Frame grew up in Las Vegas before relocating to Los Angeles close to Citizen Headquarters. Together with 911, the citizen app shares details to ensure safety by all individuals. Andrew Frame began his interest in software programs as early as when […]