Quentin Flannery Gives the Coal Industry New Life

Quentin Flannery is the Chief Information Officer, CIO of Flannery Family Office. Currently, he oversees several family companies instituting strategic efforts to expand the business and diversify investments in the international marketplace. His progressive operation standards are leading the company to many new growth opportunities.  At Yancoal, one of the largest pure-play coal producers in […]

Jason Hughes and His Professional Portfolio

Jason Hughes is a professional who specializes in various property management tasks. He is experienced with a career covering over three decades. Most of his work life and experience has come from working at the Cushman and Wakefield in Los Angeles. Jason Hughes has also lived in San Diego, working with clients in different types […]

 SeaWorld Welcomes Guest Back

The Covid-19 has had a lasting impact on the tourism, entertainment, and Theme park industry. Many popular tourist attractions were shut down for much of 2020 because of Covid-19. While everyone took a financial hit because of the restrictions some have been more resilient than others. Seaworld has is the largest outdoor aquatic attraction in […]

Social Stake Holders

Wenallnwalknaroundnobeying a certain set of societal norms, and to exist in conflict ton this is to be directly opposed to the easy flow of the typical status quoe. Speaking your mind can very easily be thought of as an excellent example of this!