Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy

Christopher Terry is the CEO and Co-Founder of IM Mastery Academy, an online business that trains, mentors, and coaches aspiring entrepreneurs on launching and scaling their online businesses successfully. Christopher is a true millennial with roots in entrepreneurship. With a 20-year history in copywriting, sales, marketing, and branding, he has developed strategies for brands like […]

 What is the Next Step for Alex Pissios

Who would have ever imagined that the young Alex Pissios once living in a 3-story home within the Northwest side of Chicago along with eight other family members would grow into the multi-millionaire mogul that he is now? It was never foreseen that he would be the force behind the Chicago film and television phenomenon […]

Honest Representation at Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm is a well-known family law firm in South Florida. We have helped many clients throughout their divorce and have earned a pretty respected reputation for our straightforward, honest representation. Contact Hughes Marino today if you are looking for an experienced team to help you through your next major […]

Frances Townsend's Journey in Public Service

For more than 20 years, Frances Townsend has devoted herself to public service. In Sept. 11 attacks, Townsend was appointed by President George W. Bush as Homeland Security Advisor to Secretary Tom Ridge and served in that capacity for three years. During this time, she developed a life-long relationship that continues to this day with […]

How Alejandro Betancourt Capitalizes on Social Media Marketing

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has become well-known after investing in various successful ventures, one of which includes Hawkers sunglasses. This is a popular iconic Spanish brand that is trending all over the world due to affordable prices and eco-friendly designs. Alejandro Betancourt attended Suffolk University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration. He […]